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    What’s everyone up to?

    Due to the bank holiday my son is at his dad’s til Tuesday, and I am dreading what fresh hell he will send him back with to undermine me and school. I’m hoping to take my boy to Marwell Zoo on Thursday but I’m very nervous cos of his recent behaviour and cos I’m not sure about the public transport getting there and back.

    Not looking forward to the long weekend alone.

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    I have a long weekend without son too.

    I’m going to cycle on Greenham common in the sunshine – assuming it doesn’t rain –  and make a cake ready for when he’s back.  And treat myself to brunch in the garden, after having a lie-in. Buttery mushrooms on toast.

    Little things.  It’s not exactly a day at a spa, but …😊


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    Kathy – sounds nice. Possibly better than a spa day. I miss cycling. Always meant to hire one of those public bikes but they’ve stopped them in Reading. I can’t have my own bike as I have nowhere to keep it.

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    Your not alone we are all here with you feeling similar emotions and will get through it together

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    i am hiding out at a garden centre at mo so I don’t bump into STBXHb picking up DD for first time in 7 months.. have been upset all day esp as the  OW will be there. Really not sure how DD will be she is desperate to see her dad but really didn’t want to see her but he wouldn’t budge 😕

    Kathymumofone, we used to pick blackberries & crab apples at Greenham Common many moons ago, we lived in Thatcham for 2 yrs when I was growing up, bk in the midlands now.

    Happy Fri everyone x

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    GirlFriday – 🍹🍹cheers! Wow your STBXHB sounds like a 💩 Hope your DD copes ok x

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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