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    Please can everyone tell me you views on this my ex has two sons from a previous relationship who are 10 & 9 both have complex needs and no danger perception. We have a daughter who’s 2 and he wants them to all stay overnight in the same room. It worries me so much but he gets so defensive when I express my concerns and just plays the card I don’t understand.

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    You can insist you’re just not comfortable with that. He feels they’re all his children so nothing bad can happen, but I believe you have a reasonable fear.

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    Thank you for understanding.
    I get the you don’t understand card because they are not your sons all the time but he tells me so many stories about things they have done. ( I have known them since they were born, as me and my ex were friends for years)

    when we lived together we had issues of holes made in the wall, broken beds, water left on flooding everywhere. Anything sharp in the kitchen had to be locked away.
    and they have had a few accidents hurting themselves as he wasn’t watching them.
    currently my daughter spends a rare occasion with them ( dads choice) but he’s now come out with this. I have no issue with them all being together they are sibblings after all but the sleeping In one  room fills me with so much fear  and he knows this as sleeping all together in one house although not the same room was an issue when we were together.
    my daughter often sleeps with me and doesn’t sleep well at her dads anyway and I worry for her safety and emotional welfare suddenly sharing a room with her brothers that she doesn’t really know but dad doesn’t think this way

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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