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    Hi I’ve been separated for three years but get on well with estranged wife.

    We live in the same town I have my daughter that’s Autistic a couple of nights a week she is classed as SLD severe learning difficulties and has an EHCP so is classed as a vunerable child and go’s to a special needs school.

    Now I have been in a relationship with another lady for 18 months that lives an hour away from my town.

    I normally stay with her four nights a week and only return to my property  normally to have my daughter or for a day on my own cleaning house/car etc.

    My neighbours three houses, are giving me stick saying that I’m breaking the Covid 19 rules going from my partners house to mine then having my daughter.

    We are committed partners in a serious relationship I come back to my town really for my daughter and my house is up for sell.

    My contact apart from shopping is ex wife,child, and new partner that’s the only contact I’m having.

    Now I don’t like neighbours being judgemental with their opinions but my partner works for the NHS but so does one of my neighbours so I have to be careful what I say.

    I know theirs no issue me having my daughter under 18 and she’s also classed as vunerable my ex and new partner also have no one living in there respective houses.

    It’s a grey area as far as I’m concerned I also need social contact as been off work 5 month’s from an industrial accident that was serious.

    As far as I’m concerned I live with my new partner more than 50% of my time but for filling my responsibility towards my daughter.

    Opinions please as government guild lines only say Should live or stay apart but this is more complex than normal.



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    Sorry but your neighbours are  right!! At this difficult and depressing time you should stay in your home until all this covid business is over. Maybe ask your partner to move in!!

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