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    Good morning,

    I am looking to see if anyone has any experience of the court process.  Especially with regards to finance.

    We have been separated for over 4 years now however it was only last year where I was able to afford to start the divorce process.

    I had finally got her to agree to go to mediation and in the first mediation we agreed some arrangements on the children.  Things had been fine until last summer when she went on holiday and refused to let the children stay with me.  I also asked some questions about the finances (only the house to sort out) but these questions were ignored.   Half an hour after leaving the mediation meeting she changed her mind on the childcare arrangements and then a few days later changed it again but to make things easier for her again.

    We arranged a second Mediation meeting.  I was keen to discuss the finances and not so much the children because she just changes her mind.  I got a letter confirming the time and date and a note saying my wife wanted to discuss the finances too.  (Fantastic I thought)

    On the day I turned up all ready to negotiate and had 3 possible solutions.  Before we even got sorted she walked out because she did not want to discuss the finances.  I could not believe that she could waste everyone’s time like that.  How ignorant and arrogant can you get.

    So I now find myself in the position of taking her to court so that I can try and move on and re-build my life.

    Has anyone got any experience of going through the court process where one person is being reasonable and the other just never responds?




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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