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    Hi all,

    We are currently going thru first stage of divorce process after weeks of denial and arguments, I served him the paper due to unreasonable behaviour which put me and our two young boy’s future in danger, but he don’t agree. We had now agree we separate due to relationship break down, as I am the one who apply the petition, I have to bear the responsible of getting a new home for myself and the boys, while he will take over our newly brought share ownership house and buy me out.

    I have to start planning on money wise and start saving loads incase he decided that he had a new partner to move in and we got to go and get help from council. I also planning on start learning to drive again so I  don’t have to rely on public transport all the time. That’s gonna be a big spender at this near instance.

    I don’t think we are gonna be homeless within the next 6-8mths, although that means I have to stay put with him and still take care of the house while he will never clean a corner of the house. At the mean time I will try to take as many hours of work as I can, and start to budget as a single parent.

    I would really appreciate if anyone can offer me your ideas of how you work with very tight budget daily monthly, what’s your money planning, and your advise of saving for rainy days. I am also can’t decide if I should leave for fight for our house, or ask to being locate at a council house and save up to buy another share ownership house which require small deposit, or private rent with housing benefit?

    I am not a British national and my family member are at another side of the globe so I can’t ask for their help. I am basically standing alone with two little boys under my wings, and I couldn’t tell them why I have to separate with their dad until they are old enough to understand what’s wrong is wrong.

    Sorry for the long message, I am trying to clear my head and start to find a path to walk on ASAP.

    Thank you for your time.


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