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    I am a mid 30s male with two teen children. I am going through a separation and I am worried about finances. We/I have no funds to move out and I’m not sure where to turn?! I’ve listed a few of our details below.

    Has anyone else gone through a similar situation? I’d love to find out what I can do to get this sorted. Ideally, I’d need help with moving home funds such as Bond, First Months rent, and furniture for me and the kids. They will be staying with me 50/50 I believe.

    • Currently we rent from our local council here in Wales.
    • We have two teens.
    • She claims the child benefit.
    • We both work. Me 48 hours per week, her 21.
    • We/I have zero savings. Poor credit score so cannot obtain a loan.
    • No family to financially help.
    • No family to help home me for a while.

    Any help or advice is most welcome.

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    Do you have anything you can sell? Can you take an evening job for six months to build up a cash float? Is there anything you can cut back – gym, phone contracts, takeaways, hobbies etc?

    Can you all stay living where you are and agree evenings where you stay out or she stays out? Swap rooms around so you share with your son or she shares with your daughter.

    Our local council has a furniture refurb scheme where things are available for a £ or two. Try that. Charity shops for curtains, pots, pans. etc.

    It isn’t easy but you need to work together because it is in both your interests to resolve it.

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    We are in debt and all our debts are on payment plans. I am going to return one financed car but will still have to make some payments towards it.
    there’s nothing to sell.
    I work 12 hour shifts which include nights. I’ve been doing some extra freelance work but it’s not much money at all. And that’s just to try and pay our current bills.

    we have a 2 bedroom house. Our children share a bedroom so I’ll probably end up on the sofa.

    I was hoping there were schemes to help with furniture available. We have a local refurbished place too but I don’t have any disposable income at all. It really is a bad situation.

    She also can’t get to work if the one car goes because public transport doesn’t go near her work. We have no family support either side.

    I feel absolutely hopeless.

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    look at the funding section on this website -there is hopefully an option that can help you. best of luck


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    Gingerbread Dan

    Hi justhaitch, As moonwhisper suggested, you can have a look at the funding section. You can also call Gingerbread’s free helpline, where our expert advisers can offer advice on a range of issues. The number is 0808 802 0925 and the opening hours are: Monday 10am-6pm, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10am-4pm, Wednesday 10am-1pm & 5pm-7pm.

    Kind regards,

    Gingerbread Dan

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