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    Hi, I am going through separation after 25 years. I left the family home with my children. Having a hard time dealing with it all to be honest. It’s a bit hard to get use to being on your own after so long. It’s certainly not easy.  I have 4 children, 3 of them are grown up and go to uni, and my youngest is 11. I am trying to keep myself busy and have just got back into work after years of running a family home, so I’m now working part time. I don’t have family where I live, so hoping to meet new friends, just for a chat really and maybe meet up. 

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    Hi Sherry123

    Sorry to hear you’re going through a very difficult time. It’s good to keep busy and try to focus on each day as it comes.  I can’t cope with much more than that! You’re not alone and sometimes it’s encouraging to know that.  I have 2 teenagers and been separated 4 years.  It does slowly get better! Have you tried joining Meetup? They’re all over the UK and there are so many different events you can go to and different people to meet.  I’ve just joined my local one. I’m in Gloucestershire if that’s anywhere near you? Happy to chat. Hope things improve for you : )

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    Hi Hope

    Thank you for your message 😊 I live in Wolverhampton and have looked for some groups, but can’t seem to find any. I live in Wolverhampton. I have been here 25 years but I’m originally from Manchester. I just can’t get use to bring on my own. It’s also hard for my youngest son who’s 11. My husband has a drink problem, thats why we left, so coming from a house full of people, it is just me and him now. So he’s had a lot to deal with. He’s just started high school and none of his primary school friends go to the same high school as him, so he is struggling there also. I’m sure it’s not going to be like this forever.

    Hope everything is ok with you and your family 😊

    Thank you again for your message and hope to speak soon xx xx

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    Hi Sherry

    There aren’t any groups around here either it seems but there is one single dad locally I met through the forum.  I’ve noticed quite a few posts from the Birmingham area but not sure if they’re near you or not. Do you have your son the whole time or do you get a break? I always have mine except for days here and there. Their dad doesn’t have room for them to stay over. We muddle along! Kids are happy at school now after a very stressful GCSE year! Really hope your son settles soon and makes some good friends.  My son is Year 9 now but he hardly knew anyone at his secondary school to begin with. It can take time for them to find their feet but you’re right – it doesn’t last forever thankfully!

    The loneliness as a single parent can be really awful especially evenings and weekends.  I’ve joined a choir which I love and now hope to get involved with the Meetup groups so I can have a social life again! I do have friends – they’re just always busy or with family at weekends. I still get very sad but cope better with these times now.  I’m sure it will be the same for you. It’s just such a shock at first

    I live in Stroud which is about 1.5 hours from you but if you ever wanted to meet up at a weekend, Worcester is about half way and I’d be happy to drive there.  Do you drive? There’s another mum from Worcester who seemed keen to meet too. Anyway, let me know! Hope you have a good week : )


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    Just me 678

    Hi Sherry if you just want to talk about anything and want a friend just let me know.

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