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    Hi all,

    I’m going through a divorce and husband has said I’d get 60% of the house, firstly, does this sound like a fair amount or should I try to get more? I have 2 children who are 3 and 6. Secondly, when do we sell the house, before the divorce has gone through or after? Thank you! X

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    Your solicitor will be best to advise you on this one, both on the share of the house and divorce.

    Best of luck to you

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    Obviously I don’t know your full circumstances but for me I didn’t have to move house.  I was able to get a mortgage and pay him off a small amount (suppose it was sort of 70/30 split in my favour) as we were still on speaking terms we agreed how finances would be split he kept all his savings I mortgaged myself up to the eyeballs but it was the best option as I could never have afforded a property where we live on my own or even afford to rent and moving would mean moving kids from their school friends and having gone through the trauma of their parents splitting up it would’ve just added to their sadness.  Your solicitor should advise but selling the house doesn’t have to be an option you could come to an agreement that you remain in the house till the youngest child is 18 and he still pays towards the mortgage,  however that comes with proviso which means he can still come and go in the house as its still half his,  or if you move another partner in the future you may have to buy him out and the reason I didn’t opt for this was at 18 the children would probably still be living with me and I wouldn’t be in a position to get a mortgage but would have to sell the house anyway and he would get 50/50 split.   As for timings it doesn’t really have to be done until the financial order that you both (or court) agree on  is enforced.   My solicitor told me the important thing was the kids and the court would only have their interests at heart.  Therefore if I was unable to maintain the same standard of living for them ie by not being able to afford to move to another house of similar standard or similar area or even afford to live if we had to move then the court could state that I stay in the home and he pays spousal payment as well as maintenance to allow us to maintain the same standard of living.  If you do sell and  have the kids living with you then the split would be in your favour.   We tried meditation to thrash out how the assets would be split and the percentage is worked out on how much you both have/earn.  If you can’t agree it will be up to the court to decide. I would Just talk to your solicitor about possible solutions. Good luck.

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    I paid off my ex and stayed in house that was in his name. I could not afford to pay him off so was given an extension of 5 years to find the extra cash. You need to go solicitor and they will appoint barrister which cost us £50 k in legal fees..

    My ex his his money and not father of my child. His legal team tried their best to throw us out and found a flat in his rise block where they sell drugs even though my daughter is autistic.

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    Sorry he hid money and made out he was pauper but lives in mortgage free flat in West end of London. His legal team did their best to break me but It didn’t work.  Every time they gave evidence they would stare me out in court to intimidate me

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