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    I’ve been offered the chance of a lifetime . My father lives abroad and I haven’t seen him in 22 years, although we Skype regularly. He’s offered to pay for our flights to visit him next year so he can meet the kids.

    Apparently if I take my dtr with me I could be prosecuted for child abduction as there is no legal order in place stating she lives with me. Since we separated (now divorced) 5 years ago I have had full custody but it was agreed out of court. Does anyone know how this works? The ex is the sort to refuse to give written permission because he likes to feel he has power over us.

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    you always can have solicitor to make a contract, like from when and to when you are going to take a child and have a legal agreement? There should no reason why he can stop a child meeting relatives. Especially if you can prove that the child lives with you.

    Tho that is just my guess. i would rather talk to citizen advise or a solicitor.

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    You automatically have Parental Rights as your daughter’s mother so you don’t NEED and order for her to live with you. Unless your ex applies for an order of some sort (child arrangements etc). When I took my son away I was advised to take his passport and birth certificate with me. I’m pretty certain resident parents cannot be done for child abduction so don’t worry!

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    If you have the same surname as your kids then it makes it easier as border control ask less questions. Otherwise you have to have passport and birth certificate to prove you are their mother.

    It may also make a difference where you are going.

    Does the dad have parental responsibility over the kids? If so, then you should seek written approval to take them on holiday abroad from him, unfortunately.  However, if you are going on holiday for say 2 weeks then it is in the kids’ best interest to be allowed to go on holiday and any court would look down on dad if he tried to stop it.  Don’t forget that the emphasis through divorce and separation is “what’s best for the kids”.

    For peace of mind, for all the holidays you are likely to take abroad until your kids turn 16, you may be better taking away the worry and asking the courts to formalise a child arrangement order. Then you can take them abroad without the hassle each time.

    I asked ex to given written permission, which he did, and I didn’t need it when I travelled to Venice for a week’s holiday last year.

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