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    I have been divorced for about three years now and i kept my married name for the sake of my little boy. Since being in lockdown I have come to terms with so much, and feel that going back to my maiden name is what is needed to finally wash this man out of my life. Although he won’t fully be as he stills sees my son. My son will keep his name but I just wanted to know if there’s any risks to me changing mine and if I’d need to change my sons birth certificate to state my maiden name although I was married when I had him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You x

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    Hi KeeriApril

    Google travelling abroad with a child with a different surname as you need to take certain documentation with you. This happened to a friend of mine who didn’t know about this (neither did I until it happened to her) and her child got taken into a room and questioned. She was only 11 ! That’s all I know but I’m glad she shared. I’ve kept my married name for that reason. Hope that helps x

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    Take a copy of your children’s birth certificates and a copy of your change of name, if you travel abroad. I don’t know of any other issues there maybe.

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    You just need either a letter from the other parent confirming travel is agreed and the birth cert.


    I am currently in the process of changing back to my Maiden name but you need to change it by deedpoll if you want to change your name on your driving licence ad tax credits etc.  at the moment i have 50% of my stuff in one name and 50%in another.  Once my solicitor is properly open i will finish my deed poll application.  It’s not expensive i just need her to authorise my witness forms are all online.  My passpost says my maiden name and my driving licence is my married name.  It’s getting very confusing.

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