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    Divine empress

    I’m a single mom and I’ve been through all avenues of trying to find love and finally settle down with someone, I’m happy with who I am and where I’m going in my life I love my kids and I’m giving my all to raising my children I just feel like every guy I’ve come into contact with after the most toxic of men my ex! I’ve started to feel like there is no hope and I’ve totally given up and decided to leave it alone I’m just going to let go and live my life not interested in being in a relationship anymore I’m just going to keep working on myself. X

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    You sound like a strong person xx

    i feel the same, but god it’s hard going it alone! I’ve done it for 6 1/2 years until I recently met someone and I thought he was different but turns out he was a complete idiot!

    I want so desperately for someone to take care of us, instead of me doing it all myself, but think, like you, it’s easier to concentrate on yourself and your children than to be hurt again xx

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    Yay!! You have gone full circle and realised that the only person who can make you happy is yourself!! I have finally come to the exact same conclusion and it feels liberating dsnt it. My family is all I need. There is nothing you can’t do. The world is yours for the taking. Go get it 🥰

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    Never give up on love.

    Love is a many splendid thing.

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    I’ve tried dating sites with no luck whatsoever. I often think about settling down with someone but there’s too much to think about and take into consideration and I feel weary of opening up to a new relationship. I feel my situation as a single father would put many off I struggle to see a way out so like you I’m resigning myself to being single

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    I can totally agree with you here. After a 10 year relationship, I split from my ex when he had affair, our son was 6 months old. He’s not made my life easy since, although he’s moved on and got new girlfriend etc. I have learnt a lot about my self, good and bad, however I have gained so much. I have bought my own house and brand new car, provide for my son weekly and spend every spare minute with him. I do however get lonely at times, wanting to share our experiences with someone. I’ve also failed at dating as I find fault in everyone I meet, probably because after a shit relationship I hold high expectations and won’t settle for anything less. I finally gave up start of this year, focusing on myself again, thinking love will come when it’s right, but can’t stop feeling like I will be alone forever x

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    Totally agree!!
    I’m not looking anymore.
    I don’t NEED to be with someone.
    Don’t want to be with just anyone…

    Cheers to that!! 🥂👍

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    There is somebody out there for everyone or so iv been told. He just never seems to come my way…lol

    I’m in Macclesfield Cheshire if anyone quite local wants to meet up for coffee and a chat would be nice to hear from you x

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