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    I am stucked in lockdown.

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    Hey! I am a single mum of 2 daughters and have recently been furloughed. We dont see their dad and it is usually my parents (aged 50) who have the girls every other weekend. We havent done that since the lockdown, however I’m really starting to struggle and wondered if this arrangement is still ok to do even during the lockdown. We have all been isolating since the start and mo one has any underlying issues.

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    I work full times as does my ex and we are both now able to do so from home. However since the schools have shut my ex is refusing to take on any of the extra childcare. I have two primary aged children who were normally in school and then after school childcare until 7pm. I am struggling to do my job and now care for the children including homeschooling (which their school is providing only lessons the parents are to give the children!) in the current situation. My ex has then one night a week overnight at the weekend. I am constantly working and parenting and finding it hard to cope. My boss will not furlough me. Is there any way my ex can legally be made to take some on this responsibility? I can not last much longer.

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    Hi everyone.

    After the new rule today saying we can meet one friend or family member outside I got a stream of messages from friends and family all excited. However, I just felt so deflated, this means I still can’t see anyone because having children takes the number over two. It’s hard enough going through this alone, and is still can’t see anyone. Anyone feeling the same?

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    Hi I am a little confused.  Me and my children’s father are separated and obviously with the lockdown they have not been able to spend time like they would normally do in the school holidays etc.   He lives over 100 miles away now so is not around the corner to be able to see them on a regular basis.  How does this work with the rules of the lockdown.  Is he now able to travel to see them without being fined?   Are they allowed to stay in his home?  Neither of us are unhealthy people, although I work for the NHS and continue to work.   Ive looked online and still confused whether he is or is not able to see the kids???   Its the kids I worry about as they have not seen him since February.   Thanks for any help.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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