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    My ex & I split up a year ago just 7 months after moving into our ‘forever home’ which took my father 9 months renovating & helping us a great deal with the costs.

    After the break up I moved back to my parents (I know) I later learnt that she was now seeing my best friend & business partner which as you can imagine after a 13 year relationship 2 children and a house it was a very emotional pill to swallow!

    We are now at a point where she wants to keep the house & buy me out. We’ve discovered the property has £50k of equity & I’m entitled to 50% of that.

    Her final offer is to remortgage at her maximum lending capacity which enables her to give me £10k, she then says she will give me the remaining £10/15k “when she can afford to”.


    I’ve had advice from 2 different solicitors. One is saying to take her to court and he’s very confident I will win my case for her to sell the house and pay me what I’m owed. The other thinks the court case will cost at least £15k and may not go in my favour. My ex has had advice from her own solicitor to only give me £10k and if it goes to court she is very confident it will go in my favour & cost me a great deal in the process.

    Obviously there’s a lot of emotions involved due to the nature of whats happened (my brother also lives next door but one to her)..

    My pride is telling me to not let her win & ensure I get my full amount and cause her the discomforts she’s caused me & my family this year. My head is telling me maybe it may be in my best interest to take her up on her offer but get a separation agreement signed with a date of when I will get the remaining equity owed.

    Has anyone else been in a similar situation & has experience on the matter or offer any advice?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello Jalder.

    I have a little experience in this although my situation is different to yours.

    I am still living in the family home as my ex husband decided to end our relationship. He is no longer paying his share of the mortgage as he says he can’t afford to. We went to mediation to discuss the house and it’s future sale. I have since seen a Solicitor who is putting together a draft consent order which sets out very clearly when my ex husband will get his share. This takes into account all the mortgage payments he has not made.

    I personally would fight for what I am entitled to. Whatever you do, I would advise you get an agreement drawn up legally.

    I highly recommend the Solicitor  I am using. If you would like a third opinion, I can send you their details.

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