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    hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has used a single pram for the newborn and carried their toddler in a carrier?

    Little one will be 15 months when baby no.2 arrives.

    Trying to save money as I already have 2 single strollers/prams, but not sure how easy/difficult it will be to carry one and push the other.

    what did you do? Any suggestions welcome!

    Thanks 😊

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    I would think it would be very difficult especially if you have to go shopping with both your children. What will you do when your older one has a strop and gets heavier?

    Try and look on gumtree to see if there are second hand ones. Or go on Facebook where people are giving away items or want to swop.

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    Toddler in the Pram, baby in the sling. Or toddler and baby in sling. Or both in the very big pram and the Aldi shopping as well. All works. Just an ordinary sling. Not the fancy ones. The ones you tie yourself with knots. Easier to wash, no problems with growth and easier to store.

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    I’d also put baby in sling wrap (you could also use for toddler at other times) and also maybe a buggy board which clips to back of single buggy. These fasten up when not in use. If you buy a wrap sling and buggy board with a single plan than you’ve got flexibility.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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