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    Hello. I want to play some games with my 5 year old daughter when I speak to her each day on a Zoom video call. Can anyone recommend any?

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    I made a big list of things to do via facetime (beyond the 2 minute conversation of ‘what did you do?’….not very much cos we can’t go anywhere’) as my kids can’t see their Dad at the moment. They have been having lots of fun!

    You can actually play board games – if you have the same 2 at each home, great….your child could take your go for you or you roll a dice at your house and they move your piece. 

    Play I spy (set view on a wide angle so they can see what your view is and vice versa)

    Play pictionary – Write a load of simple objects (cvc words for a 5 year old would be good) and then you can hold one up to the screen without looking so they see the word but you don’t, then they have to draw it while you guess what they are drawing. You then have a go.

    Do you know me? You take turns asking questions eg. favourite chocolate bar and then guess the answer to see how well you know your child/they know you –  if your child is able, they can write the answer down or draw a picture to keep hidden until youve given your answer so there is no cheating involved!

    Treasure hunt – Send your child off in the house they are in to find things and time them to see how long until they come back eg. Find something yellow, something smooth etc. This can also be done through the alphabet – find something beginning with a…..b…..etc.

    Read your child a story, showing them the pictures too and vice versa – they can read to you if they have any books at the right level.

    This is a terrible one my ex came up with but kids love it – you ask questions and the kid has to answer ‘Grandma’s knickers’ to everything….eg. What do you wash your face with? …..Grandma’s knickers….hillarious apparently!!!

    Play Simon Says

    Play ‘would you rather’ – make up random questions (child can do this too)…eg. Would you rather have cheese hair or talk like a duck…the more obscure the better (you can google for these if you’re not very inventive!!)

    talent show – ask you child to do a song or anything really and you can watch. They could do a few different things and you could score each one using score cards.

    Show and tell – Ask them to pick their favourite toy/clothes/anything from their house and tell you about it.

    Yes/no game – Try not to say yes or no during a conversation

    Put objects out and show your child for a few seconds then take one away and show them again – can they work out which one has gone (this can be made harder by putting more objects out). You can also play it a different way where they have to say as many of the objects as they can remember seeing then they can get a load of random objects to show you and you can do the same.

    Shopping game (I went to the shops and bought….and each time you keep adding what the other person previously said until someone can’t remember everything)

    Read my lips – choose a category (eg. animals). The person playing presses mute and then says a word from the category – the other person has to read their lips to try and work out what they were saying. My kids loved this and its surprisingly hard!!!

    Hope some of those are good for you – there is so much you can do … can spend hours with your child over the internet…doesn’t just have to be a short conversation!

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