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    evening all,

    just looking for some advice, I am  mum of my 5 year old son, working a part time job in a hotel. I am receiving Universal Credit. so my question is..

    since all this COVID-19 has been going on and i went to furloughed like many other people, well they are on about re-opening the hotel but keeping some people still furloughed. my job is 4 days out of 7, hours 5 hrs a day. well my son has been back in school only 2 days a week, but he starts late and finishes early well it don’t work out with my times i work which means id have to cut 2 days plus my hours down which means il be getting hardly nothing and as its only 80 percent of my wages i am getting its not enough to live on as it is till the next month. i used to have my mum for child minding but no longer can have my son due to her working. so I am wondering if anyone has had the same situation of making the decision to leave during this pandemic, and due to not knowing what may happen by September with schools. will I lose my universal credit or lose some of it due to making the decision myself to leave my job. i need some advice or anything because I don’t want to leave my job due to no child care anymore and then I get stopped some money because of it.

    any info will be really apricated. thank you

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    Sounds like a really difficult position. Have you spoken to your work coach or universal credit case manager?  They’d be the best people to advise.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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