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    Hello, I just need to vent my frustrations. There is a court order sought by my ex defining access (for.the record I have never denied him access to the kids, he just wanted to change the arrangement that we had in place and i didn’t).

    Whilst we have been going through court (finished last july) he has been staying with his parents as a temporary (3.5 years temporary) measure. He can very easily afford to house the children and is expected by the courts to do so (financial order also).

    When it became obvious that this was going to impact on his seeing the kids, I said he should move out and rent somewhere or get an airbnb and all his family said the same (this was before lockdown).  He refused which is infuriating me that he put finances before contact with his kids using the fact that he is currently housed with his parents as an excuse.

    If i was a SAHM maybe I wouldn’t mind so much, but im not and the fact that i have a career that may be derailed because i can’t work effectively as i am caring for the children 24/7 and he just carries on working whilst lamenting how much he misses the kids on Zoom.


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    Your frustrations have been read at least once.
    Do not let this this crazy, *utterly* crazy situation de-rail you.
    Nothing that’s being said or done right now will mean anything in a week.
    Just be You, and stay You.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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