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    Bit of a rant needed here!

    My ex has only left open his email as a way of communication between us which in itself I think is so immature but that’s a different matter.

    At 10 am this morning i emailed him to ask him if he could book a day of to look after our children my eldest has a staff development and youngest finishes at 2pm it is on a day that he would normally collect and have until 8pm anyway as I have used all my holiday for school holidays and covering him when he goes away, 4 weeks now with his gf so I then have to look after the boys on the days he’s not here and usually has them. He has completely ignored me and picked the boys up at 3pm this afternoon and literally the minute he was outside phoned my eldest and engine was still running and he was off he’s got the boys now until 2pm tomorrow and I know he would have seen it because even the boys say he’s always on his phone if his gf isn’t with him so he’s just being rude it’s really not difficult to say yes or no he has only got the boys for 1 week in the summer holidays he just is not bothered and doesn’t help at all this upsets and annoys me so much there his children too and with me working too I can’t physically do it all.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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