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    Anyone wants to make new friends ot just chat? Im single mom from Blackburn

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    Hello Bala I’m Kate single mum from Peterborough.

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    Samantha T

    Hello I’m sam single mum to be from Darlington

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    I’ve just joined. Single mum to 6 year old. No family support. 11 weeks in and today has  finally broken me. Trying to help her  do school work but I might as well be speaking in alien! Am furloughed as worked for an agency but I’m getting v little money. I’m so so so so tired off this ::(

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    I’m here if anyone wants to chat 😁

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    Montana noyzz


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    Montana noyzz

    Yes how are you ?

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    Family Time

    Hello single mum from Lincoln here if people would like to chat x

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    Hello  I’m a part time single dad from Derby and  with working full time I don’t get much chance to chat to people  other than family    .Does anyone have the problem of getting ex to  pass information on as when I pick my little girl up unless I constantly ask every time then I don’t know what time she s had breakfast or last sleep etc.Any ideas  as I try to keep thing amicable

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    Hello. I am a single dad to my 8year old daughter and live in West Yorkshire. I like making friends and feel free to to drop a message and chat😊

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    Hey everyone. Also a single Dad to a now teenage boy (16) and finished school so we are stuck in together. We get on mostly as long as I don’t ask him to do any washing or pots (his own or otherwise). I work for the NHS so fortunately I haven’t been furloughed and can at least get adult conversation/company during the day. Evenings can get a bit dull after so many weeks, on the plus side the house is tidier and cleaner than usually (no thanks to said teenage son). Anyway I’m up for chatting.

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    yes, feel free to drop me a line too. mother of 2 boys, 11 and 13. Essex. Nhs worker so still working but as said before, evenings and weekend can be bit though with noone to have a chat with.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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