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    Evening everyone. I’m so frightened right now I don’t know where to turn.

    Myself and my daughter were kicked out of our home by my partner (now ex) 2 weeks before xmas, without warning and without time to sort out a new home for us. We have been sleeping at my mothers 1 bedroom property with my daughter on the sofa and me on the floor, all due to the selfish actions of my ex who decided she could not accept my daughters recent poor behaviour at school. Before kicking me out, she took advantage of my wages for the month and left me with nothing to live on.

    I have registered as homeless but as my mother can accommodate me for the immediate future they won’t treat my case urgently, so I have taken it upon myself to find a suitable home for us closer to my daughters school and my place of work.

    I have found the perfect home, and can afford the 1st months rent. However I cannot afford the deposit required (£525), and I don’t have a single item of furniture to fill the property as everything I owed was meant to be jointly owned with my ex, but was registered solely in her name.

    I’m frightened I could lose this property. This property would be a godsend for me and my daughter and help us have a decent future after this horrible ordeal.

    Can anyone please help with any advice?

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    Hi Scott

    This must be such an awful time for you !  Im not sure how much advice i could offer you but i would be straight off to Citizens Advice pronto. They can at least offer a direction for you to take. Its good youve taken it upon yourself to find a suitable home for you and your daughter and thats a positive step forward however i realise landlords require a deposit upfront. Could you borrow it?  Its great your working but does that mean your still paying money towards your exes home etc?  If not then it will give you a great chance of saving quickly. Hopefully mum just has some food money from you and a good size of your income can be saved towards a deposit ?  Itll take time but you seem like someone who knows where their heading . Good luck buddy and hang in there

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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