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    Hello some advice please. I have a six year old child, who will be seven this year. My child has one friend who is the best friend and that is because that child’s mum is my best friend and my only friend. Now my child is younger and the children that my child plays with aren’t really friends of my child but friends of my child’s best friend. I am so worried for my child as all I want is for my chikd to be happy and have a huge group of friends. But my child makes it hard for one’s self as can sometimes be quite childish, selfish, and can be quite boystrous as well as sometimes bully. But you can see that my child is trying and yeah does like to show off etc. But i see in my child’s eyes that theres a lot of sadness as realisation of not really having a true good group of friends is missing. I want to out my child into after school sports club but due to covid-19 it makes that hard, ive also thought of activities outside of school so new friends can be made but again covid-19. I donnot know what to do. I want mt child to find oneself, and be happy and be surrounded by true friends of own rather than be surrounded by the only beat friend and the friends of my child’s one best friend. 

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