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    So there’s a single dad I know who to be honest I am clearly crushing on (god I’m back teenage years).  He is clear that he is not interested in any relationship  but friendship he has two kids himself I have 1.  I think I have made the friendship realm. And we get on really well and take the micky. But I always feel like I am disturbing him.  Is this just me being pathetic and should I walk the other way or is it just the fact I have been hurt and am looking for someone just to like me for me as a friend. Thoughts?

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    Hard to say really so have to take his statement at face value. He may simply be trying to cope with caring for his kids,  working etc and maybe doesn’t have the energy for a relationship (yet). Could the fact that he is available but not available might be amplifying his appeal?

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    really not sure whether he’s interested or not, but if he has said  it’s friends then I guess it’s just friends – sorry.

    Your statement about feeling like you are disturbing him – I can relate to this. I think we are indirectly taught we shouldn’t contact too often or we will look needy/pushy regardless of gender.

    If he’s a true friend he won’t give a toss how often you message (within reason I guess) but you have to accept that he may not be someone who does message often back. Everyone is different in how they like to keep in contact, ask him if you are unsure. Hopefully he will be honest so you know.

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    Thank you both.  Just as I thought

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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