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    Mercury Dad

    Hi Everyone

    I’ve posted another reply on my personal experiences and had the thought of asking via the FOI process for an insight to how the CMO operates

    Has anyone done a FOI on the CMO?

    As a start i am looking to see how they assess claims once notified, what evidence they use to substantiate a claim made by the PWC and how over payments are handled

    All organisations have internal process’ to follow so i would like sight of these


    I’ve been on the phone and got through after 18 mins I have asked the above and the guy didn’t know what to do, so i asked for the contact details of the FOI officer, he hasn’t got that

    Upshot was a promised 48hr callback re my case

    His manager did direct me to so will have a search

    any ideas/advice welcome


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    lot of info here:
    Child maintenance decision makers’ guide

    Guidance for DWP decision makers on child maintenance.

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    Mercury Dad

    Hi steve3334

    they rejected my request in officialdom gobblydygook

    will try again

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    *deleted user*

    A few years back I did Freedom of Information Act training with Heather Brooke who is/was the journalist who first uncovered the M.P’s expenses scandal.

    Her book entitled ‘Your Right to Know’ has various chapters in it and also sample letters covering different areas of FOI enquiries and what is possible in which area.

    I haven’t checked it today, but I would imagine the book has been updated to cover various changes in the legislation. I should imagine she also has info on her website/blog/assuming she still has one.

    One of the main points for a FOI query is to state your understanding that it is ‘purpose blind’ and state the time in which they are required to get back to you i.e. 21 days.

    If you don’t do this, then you can waste a lot of time trying to explain to recipients that you have the right to ask!

    Used to be the case that decent organisations had FOI specialised officers you could approach. With changes to legislation that may have changed.


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    Mercury Dad

    thank you

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