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    I feel really irritated. Yesterday I received a letter from CMS saying that our case has been reassessed on the request of my ex partner, the father of our 3 children, and he will make zero contributions going forward. My son (9yo) visited this weekend, he’s the only one that still visits dad and returned saying dad had given up his job as he didn’t like it anymore. He earned £40,000 annually. I should have known this was coming really as he’s being telling our son he’s going to work for his cousin and be self employed for a while now. I mean, his contribution wasn’t great but it was a contribution all the same and went towards the monthly school bus passes and uniforms for the 2 at high school, despite the £2500 arrears he’s wracked up. CMS suggest they’re still going to pursue the arrears but I don’t hold much hope if I’m honest.

    It’s odd how the entire responsibility of our children falls at the feet of one parent overnight. There’s an expectation that you’re just able to stretch your pounds that much further when practically and physically nothing changes.  It’s a little  unfair. I don’t wish my ex partner to suffer or stay in a role that he doesn’t enjoy, but crikey, I don’t skip into work each morning either but I simply can’t afford to not work. I’m just stuck in limbo wondering if this is how it is now for the next 9 years until our youngest leaves education?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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