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    I’m new here, but hope, that someone can offer some advice or guidance on what I’m about to say…

    I have today discovered, that my former home is on the precipice of a repossession order being executed.

    I am divorced ( four years) and as part of a financial order my ex-husband was awarded the family home with the caveat that he would remove me from the mortgage and deeds. It has since emerged that he no longer occupies the property and has now defaulted on four payments leaving substantial arrears.

    On the court order it stipulated that he was responsible for the expenditure and I no longer was indemnified or accountable for the mortgage. I am totally confused, as (a) I have been advised today, that I am now jointly responsible for the mortgage, and I need to sort this out, as the mortgage company are unable to trace the ex-husband and (b) that he is in contempt of court and therefore has no judicial consequence for his actions.

    I am concerned that this will ultimately mean that I will be black – listed and even if I were in a financial position to assume responsibility for the arrears and further payments that at anytime he can swoop back in and claim ownership.

    Any advice would be gratefully accepted.

    Alison xx




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    Hello alison

    Sorry to hearyour news about the repossession

    You need to get some advice.  There are legal people on line who can give free advice. Not sure of website bane but you can google.

    I remained in the family home and had to pay my ex husband the mortgage due.  In the end I was able to buy the home but it wasn’t easy as the property  was in his name plus over the years he hid his money.

    I owe 32k when my daughter goes to school . If I don’t find that money my husband can force sale of house to get his money



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    Hi there,

    I would advise you contact your local Housing Options Team (based at the Council) and they will have a duty to provide you with free advice on this. You may also wish to try your local Shelter (housing charity)… I’m work in Housing myself but unfortunately have not come across a case like this before!

    Good luck!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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