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    *deleted user*

    I realise on the scale of it this is a first world problem – but I’ve got a poorly teenager at home right now and can’t leave the house.

    I had an Iceland delivery booked between 10 and 12 – today. It hasn’t arrived, the website is showing it has been delivered and I’ve phoned up

    and they said they would send a message to the depot.

    Is it the shortage of delivery drivers is anyone else having problems with this? I would normally be a bit more understanding but it would have been a help if things ran smoothly with a poorly young person in the house!


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    Did you speak to store manager?

    This is what happened to my sister. They haven’t been in a shop for 2 years. Half her groceries went missing from Iceland. She believes the driver took the food!

    It took ages before she got the food Re delivered. Sorry its not what you want to hear

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    *deleted user*

    Oh gosh. I had problems in lockdown with deliveries and was more than a bit stressed as you know when the kids get ill you never know if it is going to be Covid! And if you can get out. I try to have most things in anyway just in case. Luckily it isn’t Covid flow and there has just been a knock on the door and delivery is here. Better late than never. Yes, I did speak to supervisor on central number.

    Thanks for your support it was helpful. Sometimes you feel so alone with things as a lone parent, don’t you.

    Sorry to hear about your sister and delivery.

    Normally round here iceland is pretty good but you never know what is happening with shortage of delivery drivers etc.


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    I do most online as I havent taken child into shops. We have been covid free and don’t let people Into home. We go and chat in gardn or outside with visitors . I want to be fit and well and I’m quite happy to live like this as I can work from home too.

    I do Iceland 3 times a year and I get a bulk order of heavy stuff. My last order was in November where I got stuff on special offers. The driver was moaning about my water order but its what my sen daughter likes to drink  as I’m happy with tap water.

    What wS  comical on 24 Dec is that I got call after waitrose has delivered shopping to inform me that that they forgot to give me my turkey. I hadn’t ordered one but it was funny if someone hadn’t got it for their Christmas Dinner.


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    *deleted user*

    Oh, gosh yes that is funny Yaz. We are mostly vegetarian too. (well DD is) so I just go along as it is cheaper and healthier and easier to shop that way.

    I’m abou the same as you with mixing with people – as DD goes to college and really is exposed to enough risk of Covid – thankfully she has just had her second jab so that is a relief.

    I get bottled water too to have in, just in case someone is ill and is ‘banned’ due to self isolation from the kitchen! I’m quite happy with tap water. Also when DD has exams they don’t let them take metal water bottles in (guess it would be easy to hide something in the bottle) so she has to take bottled water in.

    Good to hear from you.


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