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    I’ve got my first visit to the solicitors this week and if I’m honest I pretty nervous as I have never done anything like this before. I’m thinking of going the legal separation route for now. Does anyone have any advice or questions that I could ask? I’ve done a bit of research but any help is welcomed 🙂


    Thanks Spirit

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    Hi S

    So you mean the 2 year separation


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    I think so.

    At the moment I’m not sure I want to go down the full divorce route; I just want to make sure my two children and myself are financially ok etc…


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    I had my first meeting last week. It was full on and I think I only took in about 30% of it so take someone with you if you can. I was advised if  I wanted to go down the separation route I would have all the same costs twice when I wanted to divorce so it wouldn’t really be worth it (but my case isnt very straight forward so may be different for you.)  Ask about the process, costs, finances, access for the kids, options for your living situation. Good luck xx

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    Thank you Graciejane.

    Yes I’m taking  my mum with me I thought having two sets of ears would be better than one incase I miss something.

    Gawd yeah I bet it is full on, oh well it has to be done i’m afraid as I feel I have no other option now sadly 🙁


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    Hi Spirit,

    Like Graciejane my solicitor also advised a divorce straight off although ultimately she said it was my decision. Having a legal separation doesn’t quite finalise everything & still means you need to do this down the line. I would advise taking as much financial information as you can when you go too.. Oh and be prepared for a v slow process!

    Good Luck

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