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    Any tips/advice on breastfeeding around family members? The idea of feeding in public doesn’t faze me much but I’m getting all kinds of flustered about how to handle it around male family members – not least my dad. I don’t think anyone has any strong feelings either way about breastfeeding itself – it’s more the thought of them seeing too much. I’m more self-conscious of making them feeling awkward than I am for myself. Do I just feed as normal? Should I tell them first when I need to feed or will that be making too big a deal out of it an make them feel awkward in itself? etc etc! Maybe I’m worrying about it too much, I don’t know. Tips & advice very much welcome!

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    I would go and find a quiet room where you can do this or if there is no other room find a corner and turn your back and feed your child and use a shawl for privacy .


    I didn’t feed child in front of male relatives only because my mother had a bad experience with some random stranger at a party .

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    I breast fed for the first few months of my sons life and this was my real fear too. With fairly big boobs I was unable to Breast feed with him laying across me, this would usually hide everything, instead he lay around my side which meant most my boob would be on show. Initially I went to another room, I had a quick flow so feeds were only 5/10 minutes so this worked. I tried many different things to cover, shawls, tops etc but always found the my got in the way and i would be faffing about with them more. In the end I would just do what made me feel comfortable, close friends/ family knew my queues when I was going to do it so some chose to leave and give me privacy, some asked what they could do to make us feel better but sometimes I would choose to leave and do it alone. Tbh I liked having this time as bonding with my son and enjoyed the peace and quiet to do it, luckily we didn’t have many cluster feeds etc so it worked for us. The best thing to do is be open with others about it, and don’t take their reaction personally. Most would choose to leave out of respect. I remember in hospital my ex in-laws papa was going to come in as I was feeding and his wife shouted at him to leave me alone, purely to give me space and drespect me as I was adjusting to something new, but after month or two they would sit in same room as I fed. Basically do what u feels best for you. X

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    Thanks, appreciate the reassurance. I don’t really want to feel like I have to literally leave the room or hide in a corner but at the same time I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. I like to think I’ll be able to do it with minimum fuss and be really discreet nad then I have visions of totally screwing it up and needlessly exposing myself. Always thought shawls and cover etc do look a bit faffy so gald you said that as well.

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