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    Hey all,

    I was just wondering if anyone had experienced the same as me? I had a letter this week with £125 fine! According to NHS prescriptions, I had claimed a free prescription back in December that I wasn’t entitled to! I was on Income Support and then got switched over to Universal Credits at the end Jan/ start Feb this year. I paid the money, but am def not happy about it!

    Today I had to pick up my prescription and as there was no box to tick for Universal Credits and knowing my luck, I would be slapped with another £125 so I had to fork out £44, even though they said I ‘might’ be ok signing one of the other boxes.

    I was just wondering if anyone else had had similar experiences as me? Also whether you managed to get any of the money back?

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    They did give me one of those, but the lady said that not everyone who gets Universal Credits is entitled to free prescriptions, which left me

    really confused 😉

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    I got fined last week for one prescription which was just a hydrocortisone cream back in Jan 2018   and the total was  £51. I found my medical exempt card and rang the number up on the letter and got the bill wiped off. I work part time and the plastic card with my membership gets sent annually.

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    I don’t have a medical exemption card 🙁

    Maybe I will have to do some more research, as there doesn’t seem to be one answer for this problem.

    Thanks for your ideas guys 🙂

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    I am on uc and don’t have a clue how to find out if im entitled to free prescriptions either. When I asked they said to look when your award is finalised which it now has but  it’s not obvious.

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