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    It is so hard to find work around school hours as I can only work anytime from 9 till 2:30pm and I have tried and tried am getting fed up as I have a daughter since birth I have been looking after her And I love to work but I can find any work tried everything and I have worked in all types of places and I have loads of experience in customer service and retail and restraunt work and bar work and I am a cook as well .

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    Why not see if you can get a job as a dinner lady at the school?

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    I take my daughter to private  nursery at 7.30am go to work and pick her. To achieve this i had to reduce my hours . I use to work full time but reduced it to 21 hours.  Mon to wed. In September my daughter starts school so I will start later and a lady I met by chance when my little one was 10 months will pick her up.amd take her home and wait for  me. I don’t have any parents now  or family nearby . I dont get any maintenance from her father. When you work you get tax credits . The company is closed for 5 days so we got paid and didn’t hsve to take annual leave.  So good luck you will get a job and it’s lovely having your own money and meeting people too.

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    thank you for your help everyone 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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