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    My son is almost a teen, and I’m finding it really exhausting and just wondering if anyone else has similar experience… Its been so tough with covid and school closure and puberty and he’s had lots of other stuff too like anxiety, moving schools, couple of hurtful things happened at school with his friends, he’s struggling to accept he’s adhd,  etc etc. .. But I’m finding lately that a few days or even a week or more go by and all seems fine, and I think the moods or doubts or sadness is becoming less, is lifting and easing and then he will say oh I feel so miserable and I’ve felt this way for weeks.. And I’m thinking you have hidden it very well  as he’s usually open with me and I can usually tell when he’s upset, maybe it’s harder to know at this age? and I ask him to tell me as he’s having these feelings, while they’re in his head, and I try to get some  clarity on when and how long and why etc etc and  then he says he doesn’t know how long he’s been feeling like this and maybe it’s not all the time and then he will just say that he doesn’t know… I don’t know if he’s hiding this and really feeling bad all the time or maybe he isn’t feeling bad all the time but when he does feel bad it feels so yuc he imagines it’s there all the time.. Someone told me every time she started to worry about her son and his dark moods and she’d get herself into a panic and then they’d lift and so she wasn’t making light of it but she said for some teens there’s just these dark moods, and it’s awful and she’s not saying don’t take them seriously, I think she just meant there’s a good chance they’ll lift and it’s teen angst and hormones etc, so then I worry I’m taking the wrong approach and maybe I should distract a bit and get him less engaged with whatever going on inside him… we’ve had so many talks for months and months now, the moods don’t take much to come all of a sudden he can just get into such a dark mood where everything is crap and life is depressing… I can’t keep up sometimes and don’t know what to say anymore.. I don’t think he’d talk to someone and I sometimes feel so drained I feel empty at times myself… And that makes me feel worse but I’m dealing with this all on my own and I work full time too .. Any advice in the moods, teen thing or not, talk or distract or not if both? Anyone ever feel awful because they just feel so empty, wish I had more in the tank a lot of the time.. New state a phase for me in parenting, had barely ‘mastered’ the previous ages and this whole new odd age is here….

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