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    I’m 10 months separated and want to start living again and am focusing on my needs and my future. I’d love to find someone to settle down with, I’m not into short term relationships, but at 42 with 4 children and no family support (both parents passed away) it’s pretty impossible. I’ve been on a dating site but they just seem to want sex. Any tips to finding someone for fun and snuggles?

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    Hey:) sorry to hear you’ve been feeling this way I totally understand where you are coming from! You need to value yourself as a woman and set your standards high! In my experience looking for a man only leads to rubbish men! (And trust me I’ve learned that the hard way) I’ve created a group on Facebook “Single Mum Survival Guide” which you are welcome to join. It has articles on dating and getting through the Christmas season etc 🙂

    The guy is out there! But he isn’t on Tinder and POF … most of these guys are after something quick and easy and I’m sure you are worth more!

    Take care x

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    I wish I was getting something out of pof,but I am not,at 52 with a 9 year old I am not even getting conversation. You are right though you should not rush into anything,take your time,if they are genuine they will wait. ( I use pof because it is free,if you know of a better site that is also free,be happy to use it)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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