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    I’m current separating from my partner. He is an alcoholic, and although sober today, I can not trust how long that will last. Hence myself and my 3 children are seeking to move out.

    I am planning to move from Hampshire to Dorset (where my parents live). Once I have left him, I know I will be entitled to Universal Credit.

    I have enough money from parents for deposit & first months rent.


    I need to leave as soon as possible and I’m worried about finding a private place to rent that will accept someone on benefits. How have others managed this? Obviously I won’t even be on benefits until I’ve actually moved out. But I’m not employed either!

    Will credit checks and references from current letting agent be enough? Luckily the house I’m in now is a joint tenancy with my OH and I have good credit rating.

    Any advice would be much much appreciated.

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    I was told when looking to move last year, that a reference from a previous landlord goes a long way with letting agencies and some documentation to show you’ve never missed a rent payment.

    going into letting agents face to face will help as well, sit down and explain the situation.

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    You should not worry as you will find a sympathetic agency or land lord.  Perhaps you should start looking on internet and make contact with agent. Good luck anyway x

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    Yes, I agree. Though find it is a shame you are not able to apply for social housing. If you had a job in the area you probably would able to do so in the new area, depending on where it is. Though not sure how things are in Dorset.

    Good luck, sounds like you are on track


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    Hi Natalie,

    I’m actually in dorset myself (Bournemouth) and I know that Poole and Bournemouth council always used to have a list of letting agents that would help people in receipt of housing benefit (as it was then). I dont know if that’s still the case but maybe contact the council you are going to and see if they can point you in the right direction.

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    Thanks. I’m looking in Sherborne area of Dorset and possibly into Somerset (Milborne Port). Called council today and they no longer have a list.

    At the mo, ex has agreed to be guarantor so I’m hoping that’ll help.

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    I am going to put myself on the housing list. You have to apply to be on the register and then bid for properties and the person who best meets the criteria then gets it. Could take some time. The irony is though that if he has a drink, or we hand in notice and I can’t find anywhere than the kids are I will be forced to sofa surf – at which point we’ll be higher up the priority list. Seems a crazy crazy system.

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    I obviously don’t know what the situation is in your area.

    Probably a post code lottery. But my counsel would be don’t give up on trying for social housing.

    Sure, may be worse than in our area but more rights than private.

    all best


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