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    I’ve got a 5 year old child and have been in education since she was 1 and also cared for a terminally ill relative for a significant period of time. I’ve volunteered for a number of organisations and have just started volunteering with another organisation in the hope that either a paid opportunity will come up or that it will give me the skills and experience and lead to a job somewhere else. I’m struggling to find paid work.

    I’ve just finished my teacher training (teaching adults) and there aren’t many jobs out there in my subject. I appreciate I was very naive when I applied for the course and probably didn’t think things through properly, I just wanted a stable job and associated teaching with stability. I don’t drive so I’d struggle to get to agency jobs last minute and am limited to where I can work due to childcare. I can’t afford driving lessons/a car/insurance until I get a job but I don’t seem to be able to get a job until I get a car. I managed to get a bit of casual paid work during my teaching placement but this has now ended. I’m currently doing a bit of exams invigilating to get by for another few weeks.

    I’m looking for any form of job that even vaguely fits with my skills and experience but I’m unable to apply for the vast majority of vacancies due to childcare issues. I have no family and my friends all work full time and have their own lives.

    Most traditional 9-5 jobs that I definitely would be able to do are now 8-6. A lot of jobs state you must be available to work anytime between 6am and 10pm. Some state you must be available to work anytime between 8am and 8pm or 7:30am and 8pm. A lot state must be available to work evenings and weekends.

    My childcare opens at 7:30 and closes at 6pm so I wouldn’t be able to start work at 7:30 and I’d need to make sure I could definitely get back to the childcare setting for 6pm latest. I definitely can’t work evenings and weekends.

    Another thing I’m worried about is getting a job but then having to attend training in different places. Someone on my teaching course got a job very local but then had to attend an induction session over 80 miles away. Then the rest of the training was in another location that would have taken me 2 hours and 2 buses to get there. He had to attend this training from 9-5 a few days a week for a month. If I’d got that job, I’d have to set off at 7am and childcare doesn’t open until 7:30 and finishing at 5 for the training would mean I wouldn’t get home until 7pm, assuming the buses arrive on time and there is no traffic or delays.

    Another friend got an admin assistant job and had to travel all over the place for training. Her previous role also required training all over the place.

    This really worries me. I could apply for a job that is local, get the job and then have to turn it down due to not being able to attend the training. What do other people do? Surely I’m not the only one in this situation?

    Don’t get me wrong, there are still jobs I can apply for but I’m very limited in what I can apply for.

    Sorry for the long winded post! Does anyone have any advice/tips?

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    I don’t have any tips but please don’t stress about it. I was full time and after I had my little girl I did a deal with my boss about changing my hours .

    The company I work for is quite big and are very family orientated but now I’ve merged with another section and my new boss does not like children.  I drop my child off at 7.30am and get to work at 8.15 ish . If im late i just eat my lunch at desk & I leave at 3.25pm and pick up daughter at 4.45pm. Try looking at colleges or universities for work as they will be  very sympathetic .

    My daughter  starts reception  in Sept and i will start work later but I have met a nice  woman who will wait for my little one at home as she will be dropped off by the school bus. Give her something to eat until I get home .  I will have to pay her but I don’t have any family .   Good luck maybe u will need to find a child minder and also these schools do breakfast clubs etc…

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