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    Hey I wonder if anyone is able to give any insight. I’m currently on hold to test and protect to allow my info to be shared so I can get my isolation grant. I’m a single parent and on universal credit. I’ve got a job but don’t feel I am coping all that well. Could be the aftermath of having to isolate with covid for the last 10 days. I really hope I can see this job through. But the way I feel right now is I’ve lost all hope in there being the help there. I’m told I need to keep trying with this test and protect and I really feel so upset with it. To give you a bit of background my son’s dad stopped paying child maintenance properly and the way that was dealt with was so poor and me having to hold on the line like this for hours at a time. My son’s dad passed away in November there by suicide and was really sad…b

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    *deleted user*

    In the absence of much else I can do, and having lived in Scotland in the past but not being familiar with the system now up there, I can only offer a hand hold for what you are going through.

    Anyone else can help?

    Hang in there.


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    Hi @Danville, Do you know about One Parent Families Scotland? They have a helpline and online chat and I’m sure will be able to help. Changing lives, challenging poverty – One Parent Families Scotland (

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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