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    Hello Everyone!

    This is my very first entry here. I hope thewre will be someone to advise me what should I do. I will be gratefull for any information.
    Im Alex, 30 years old, single mum of 16months old Peter. I am divorced. I would like to start MSc in physiotherapy from October this year.
    I became a bachelor of physiotherapy in Poland in 2014. I came to England in May 2015 and worked as support worker with people after brain injury, In the meantime I met a man, who I married and when I was 4 months pregnant Peters father left us. It was April 2017. I picked up the pieces and started all over again.
    It was not easy at all, especially that I have been left with debts (which I still have to pay) and  in fact homeless. Thanks to my friends from church I carried on but had to spent some time in Poland and gave birth there. But now I am very willing to continue my proffesional development so I can provide future for my son and me, and become a physio is the only way for me.

    At the moment I claim Universal Credit. I dont work as at this point it would be too challenging as I am completely unaided and also Peter is ill quite often. Uni starts in September/October so I would really like to find the way to be able do this degree, become officially physio here so I can cover all our needs without constant worring, stressing etc…
    So here is the question,.,.

    What possibly can I do to get a study loan for postgraduate course in physiotherapy? Where should I applu, where to start?
    I can not finish my uni application without specifying how I am going to cover study fees, so I stuck here. On gov websites I found options only 2018/2019  for existing students.

    Please let me know if you have any idea what would be the best to do in my situation?

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    Hi alexmarie you can look for the student finance website which it sounds like you already found but the reason you cannot see this year’s details is because they do not start taking applications until the end of march you need to look for new students not existing students unless you have previously applied for finance before. Get everything you need together they will be asking for any benefit details your housing details if you have a place by now and you will need someone to give you a personal reference after you post your personal statement. It is a bit of a process but worth it for a better life for you and your son the very best of luck to you. And I hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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