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    Hi all,

    Wanting to separate from my husband. I’m looking at the financial side of things and just wondering how it’s possible and how you all survive!? I earn a decent wage, work 4 days a week but even with my husbands income I’m into my over draft each month. I know I’ll have mainatence and possibly some benefits but it doesn’t seem enough. The nursery fees alone are equivalent to a mortgage! I have no savings. Any advice!?

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    Solo has described my life 😁

    Check out your 20% off child care costs, your free 30 hours & what benefits you could claim. Pair up with other single mums or family to reduce hours needed.

    Scrap Sky, gym membership, buy supermarket own, not brands. Cook from scratch. If you have a car, change it for one that uses less fuel. Give up alcohol (well, reduce it at least).

    7 years in and life is good. It’s been worth it.

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    Thanks, sounds like fun times ahead! 😁

    Yeah we get the 30 free hours but it’s still over £800 for 3 days for both of them! I didnt know about 20%reduction so I’ll look into that. Thanks for the suggestions, it seems impossible at the minute but good to know success stories! Xx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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