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    I’m new here.

    I recently made the decision to divorce after I noticed how our marriage was affecting our daughter. (I’d been shutting down and he’d been coercive around us, I had explored with the school whether she might have had missed autism, because of meltdowns, OCD, stimming… After a lot of research, I realised what had been happening).

    We’ve got a bit of money in the house, but not that much. He earns about £40K I earn about £14K (around the kids). We don’t have any savings.

    The mediator I spoke to says that the judge will put a court order on the house so I can stay in it with the kids. With online maintenance calculators and tax credits, the money each month for me and the kids will be extremely tight (if I can make the budget stretch that far). I don’t want to start off from scratch in debt because I don’t think I would be able to get out of it. I am self-employed, so if my contract stops or if I get sick I will be in a tricky situation.

    Presumably, tax credits only start when the divorce is final? (Otherwise, his earnings would be taken into account?).

    Does anyone know anything about this or where I can get help?

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