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    Hi to all those hardworking single parents out there!

    My query is …am I better switching to Universal Credit from working Tax Credit…?  I would like to claim for free school dinners and gain Premium pupil status for both my girls. I get no financial help whatsoever from my ex partner and constantly struggling with finances!!

    My situation is that I am single mum with 2 dependants, paying a mortgage and ex partner is nil assessed by Child Maintenance Service.  My girls live with me and see their Dad 2 nights a week.

    I am reducing my hours at work from 22.5 to 16 hours. I need to collect the girls from school. My child care is basically  my Mum who needs a break and is coping with a family member who has Dementia and deteriorating.

    I can’t get on with the calculator benefits, nobody can tell me from HMRS how my credits will be affected with the reduction in hours and monthly pay.

    I feel totally on my own with this and wondered if anyone has been through similar or can advise me?

    Thanks for reading.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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