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    I dont even know where to start, but I finally diceded i want to leave! Me and my partner are together 5years, have one child(one year old) it has never been perfect relationship,he was cheating on me few times, always drinking alcohol quite alot, but last couple months it has been absolutely nightmare…on the christmas day he got drunk ,completely  ruined our Christmas,our daughter’s first Christmas! He was yelling, fighting with ne and in the end he slapped me and not just that…Well he is drinking almost every day off( I mean he goes out midday and come back home day after evening)absolutely drunk and dirty.He is very aggressive and doesn’t really care about our daughter me or family time. Well I want to move out, but I am not working as I am home with my little one(we are from Czech Republic and dont have any family here to help with childcare) I have no place to go. But we can’t  live like this anymore! Do you think council will help us? Will give us council flat? And some benefits to live? Please give me all your opinions, ideas, advice.. thank you for every comment! Anna

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    I think Women’s aid will help you regardless of your residency status. Whether accommodation is available will depend on circumstances & the housing situation in your area.

    Google  the govt benefits calculator to see what you are entitled to. Do you think your partner will want to see his child?  Would you have family support if you went home? What work did you do before having your little one?

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    Hi Anna, I certainly think you can get help especially in the short term and as Kathy said women’s aid is probably the best place to start.  The number is 0808 2000 247 and they are available 24 hours.  Your main concern right now in any case of previous or potential domestic abuse is to get safe.

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    There are a few places that will help you. Call the number above you need to keep safe.

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    Hi Anna.A

    I’m Justine the moderator.  I’m sorry to read about your situation but am pleased to see that you are making decisions.  I’d like to help you with your options so will be sending you a personal message with some signposting options.

    Take care


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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