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    We are going to final hearing in March. My husband has refused to leave the family home despite only having the children every other weekend for the past two years.  I moved out in Jan 2018 but had to return to the family home in March 2019 as he was messing around with mortgage payments and maintenance payments.  He still refused to leave and we have had to cohabit for 10 months. He refused to listen to the judge and settle in the FDR in Sep and came unrepresented.  I have now lived between friends and my new partner with our two young boys since November as I can no longer stay in the house with my ex. My Ex refuses to pay for the mortgage and I am currently paying half of the mortgage he also refuse to move and let me take over the mortgage payments.  Can the judge order him to move and for me and our children to live in the FMH until sale agreed at the final hearing?  I work full time and am now paying for childcare and all the children’s costs my Ex does refuse to pay maintenance as he want us to live with him in the family home. I have contacted CMS.  I earn £30K p/a and he £110k plus £30k bonus p/a.  Thanks

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    Hi Gbg77

    Thanks for posting on our forum.  It sounds like you need some specific advice.  I suggest you contact our Single Parent Helpline as our team of advisers will be able to help you to explore your options.  Here are the details:

    Kind regards, Justine


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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