Fiancé chose alcohol over his growing family

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    Hi guys! I’ve literally just subscribed to gingerbread after feeling very isolated and alone. My ex fiancé is an alcohol but refuses to change. When he was sober he was very loving and caring and optimistic about the future. However, since lockdown he’s been drinking even more oftentimes becoming (verbally) abusive toward me. Things came to a head last night when I found him passed out in the garden with no shoes on. He then came inside barely standing up straight and vomited all over the stairs. I tried to speak to him this morning once he’d sobered up and he told me he won’t change and has gone out drinking again saying that our relationship is over. I’m feeling extremely vulnerable and hurt at the moment. This is our first baby and I’m now facing having to raise her alone.

    Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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