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    so I’ve had months of litigation over contact for my baby, I won’t make this a long drawn out post but to highlight what’s happened so anyone if possible can add any advice or comments I’d be so grateful to hear


    short marriage. He leaves after baby born (12 weeks at the time)

    he has a long long history of massive alcohol abuse.

    he seeks access – that’s fine – he is the dad after all. However, she’s tiny (now 10 months old) and breastfed.


    i allow two full days a week.

    he pushes for more and more access over the months. I still feel two days is a good start until she’s older – is this wrong? I feel is a good amount.


    he takes her without prior permission overnight!

    I stopped all contact.


    he hadn’t seen baby in 8 weeks, then had contact centre two weeks ago which was awful. He published a huge huge rant on social media calling me a bad mother and how could I put a baby through a contact centre –

    i did as he broke my trust.

    so I stopped contact once again.

    Court is next week. I’m so nervous! I wholeheartedly feel I’m doing what’s right for our child, utimately I know he will get over nights and I’m prepared to introduce a night a week nearer summer. But I’m being bullied and gas lighted too.

    im fully aware this is about the child not me, she’s my only priority here.

    Any advise is so welcomed please

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    It’s tremendously difficult to plan everything, he is highly  fixated on 50/50 nothing more or less. He behaviour is quite irrational and that scares me.

    I have records and prof of his previous mental illness and why he is on meds which I gather doesn’t get hold against you.

    He has openly allowed trolls online to pour out abuse towards me. Again I’m told nothing courts will do or care? How’s that right.

    He has a job but barely there as basically runs itself.


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    Ps not self representing x

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    Thanks so much for helping


    we live 20 minutes away from eachother. I haven’t read the court summary yet, I should receive it today.

    Do you believe the court will take a dim view the fact I refused contact centre after 1 visit?

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    I have all the screen shots of all the abuse I’ve had from him over the months. I’ve however had him blocked for a couple of months to save myself from receiving such content so all communication is through lawyers.

    date is next week so soon approaching and I’m hoping it’ll be a good out come for all as I’ve other children to consider.

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    Hi Kate1212

    I’m glad you are speaking to other parents on the forum.  They can be a good source of help.  What I will be doing is sending you a private message to signpost you some information about agencies which should be able to provide you with up to date information and support.

    Thanks,  Justine

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    So received my social worker report after phone call last week. Did they actually listen to anything I raised, they seemed to have noted and out ex first. I’m dumbfounded

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    Yes I like your proposals, ex seems inpatient however so I know he will want to rush faster for overnights (baby isn’t quite 11 months yet) x

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