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    I wrote a post a couple of months ago explaining my situation.

    Things are starting to become structured now and the routine that both me and my 7 year old son now have is great.  Yes, Alot of care is required in keeping my son healthy and well but I am managing this.

    Just to recap on our sad history my little boys, mummy passed away last year. My son of 7… Leo.. Was, diagnosed with Cystic fibrosis at only 3 weeks of age.. Luckily he is very well at present and plays Alot of football… He is so good that he now plays academy level 👍…

    Sadly last month Leo was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes… Adding to the already hectic schedule of daily meds.. Nebulisers and injections.

    But… He is well. And smashing football still 👍😊.

    I still manage to work three days, a, week and my employers are so great and understanding it is so very heart warming.

    When I was a child myself.. my own mother sadly passed away and my father took me to a gingerbread group.. To this day I still remember playing pool in a tiny cabin in Doncaster Town centre… I think it was a portacabin.

    This was 30 years ago ..i am now 39 and am desperate to re connect with other single parents if only to chat and get out and away from daily chores. I feel so alone at times and barely find ME time.

    If there are any groups or gatherings in and around the Doncaster… Rotherham…. Sheffield areas I would love to be included

    I only work Mon Tues wed and have Thursdays and Fridays free whilst Leo is at school.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this in advance

    Regards. Paul

    Daddy to Leo….. The lion x

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    Hi Paul,

    It’s great to see you both have a lot of fight in you both and your positivity shines through.

    Here’s a link to see if there’s any local gingerbread groups to you:


    All the best mate


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    Hi Paul,

    I am a father to a six year old daughter, she doesn’t live with me but I get to see her when I can.

    Ive noticed there aren’t any groups nearby and I find it difficult in socialising at the moment mainly due to unsocial work hours.

    i live in Sheffield (South) and would love to get out more, maybe speak soon



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    Hi Paul, I’ve sent you a friend request. Happy to chat anytime

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    Thank you so much guys for your offers of support and friendship

    It’s really does mean Alot to me.

    Mark… Not to far away mate. Once I sort a steady sitter out it be cool to meet up.. Sure thing

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    Hi Paul,

    You sound like a great dad, Leo is very lucky to have you in his corner. Feel free to reach out for a chat whenever you need to.




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