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    Hi, this is my first time using this page as I’ve just come across it on google.
    I have two young children (currently aged 5 & 8) who live with me but do have 1 nights sleepover a week with their father/grandparents (hope it’s still okay to call myself a single mum as I’ve been told I’m not because my children see their father 1 night contact)
    Anyway I do absolutely everything for my girls – I work hard so that I have money to pay off bills, book day trips etc. It takes me 9 months to pay off a holiday but we make wonderful memories. However the last few weeks, my girls keep going on and on about their father/grandparents, say how excited they are because they take the girls to the fair, park etc. It makes me feel COMPLETELY worthless because every penny I have goes on them & I take them everywhere yet they only seem to appreciate their father taking them places.

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    Chrissie Butler

    hello lovely. how are you after posting this?

    i am a single mum to a 8 year old girl. Her dad has never meet her.

    Your girls will say that dad is more fun because he only has them for one day so he will pull out all the stops to make it amazing.

    try not to let it get to you. you and ur close friends and family know u are doing ur best. and u going on hoilday go girl i have never been able to book a hoilday and pay for it.

    u are doing amazing. chin up.

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    I think that’s pretty normal for kids. they see dad as the fun one. And maybe because their not spending much time with him, they cherish it even more. it’s the same with my kids. They don’t get to see me as much as they would like, but really enjoy it as we do loads of fun activities.

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