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    I am a single dad on Universal Credit, Christmas is causing me financial worries, I have tried to keep my son active in sports, but I am really struggling and may have to reduce some of his sports.

    He is 4 in nursery and has no understanding of what anything cost, I am starting to get frustrated because nearly every day his uniform is going home totally dirty, It cost around £200 to totally kit him out, his shoes are already ruined, I can afford to keep washing every day.

    His kung fu club has brought out a new sweatshirt they can wear in winter period £28, He is having his school photos this week, that also going to be more. His rugby and football club both have Christmas parties that I will have to pay if he goes.

    The cold weathers started, so have put on the heating, meaning extra fuel bill.

    Then there the Christmas presets. I cant even see where the money is coming for that.

    My computer battery is failing, so not going to be able to replace.

    I became a single dad in June, and started to receive benefits August. so not been able to try and put some extra money buy.

    How do others cope? How much do you normally spend on your kids?

    I told my son, I won’t be able to afford much for Christmas this year, his answer was, you dont need to buy me anything dad. Father Christmas will bring him presents anyway.

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    I completely understand, I’m a single mum and currently on a budget of £160 per month for food and everything  My little dude is 2, so I know he doesn’t understand but yet I feel so so guilty that I’m not going to be able to provide him with hardly anything.

    I’ve thought about craft things from poundland that we can maybe sit and do together. Is that an option?

    Here if you want to chat. Lou

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    Healing Light

    Evening Sir.

    Just a quick question.

    Can you cut back on the expensive sports & do something else like visit the local park for a run around ?

    Christmas honestly at this age all they understand is wrapping paper and suprise. You could buy some toys from the charity shop and wrap them. Seriously there is no shame in it, i have done it myself and my lil one was happy.

    School photos, not an obligation are they ? You could take pics of your child in uniform from your phone if it’s a smart one and use the app snapfish where you only pay a few pence per photo. I’ve made albums for my parents for just a few quid & recent preschool photos i didn’t attend.

    Uniforms you can get in Lidl for a good low price & if you ask in the  school office they may have some support available or second hand uniforms. Kids go through them like hot dinners.

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    Big thanks

    I done all my Christmas shopping online today, brought a few little bits in hobby craft, for him to make presents for his family too.  and look online for the stuff I know he would like, compared every shop to find the cheapest, managed to make a huge saving.

    Christmas has been paid for except the food.

    I agree with charity shops, we do buy a lot from them for normal reward toys.

    Going to have the bite the bullet on new pair of shoes, It is somewhere that is false economy to by cheap. I have used fb market place a lot, but school shoes are the ones he wears the most, to be fair we need the trip to the famous C shoe shop, if just for them to re measure his feet, sure won’t be long before he be wearing mine.

    I brought 2 sets of school uniform was hopping to get two days to off trousers and jumper, and one day out of his sports kit, great plan, not happening with my son, I did buy larger, I always but one size larger.

    I will have to reduce his clubs, they are not a lot, but its all the extra he needs to do them. that slowly add up.  The clubs are more for him to have fun, but also to lear to be less controlling and learn a little discipline and play with different kids too. My issue I never had anything as a kid and wish I had, so I know I am over compensating because I want him to have far more options.

    You are totally right about his school pic, because its his first one, I put added pressure on myself, I will offer them to his family, if they want to buy, but I already have awesome pictures of him on my phone.

    We are our own worse enemy because the children dont really care, as long as they are having fun, and happy that is all that really matters.

    Felling more positive now.

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