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    I have just had to end what was a rebound relationship from an unhappy marriage – my daughter is 11 12 in July / my daughter and her Dad have a good relationship and he sees her when he can and we have a better friendship than we did before we separated and my daughter loves it when we spend time together but I could never get back with him, he was too dominating and argumentative, he’s too soft on our daughter and gets ber anything ahe wants! So I have to Do all the parenting and home schooling as I work from home and Her dad doesn’t and is knackered at weekends and says he needs downtime but he has her for part of some weekends/ I’m finding all the responsibilities of parenting falls on me and he just has fun with her!
    to add to this I’ve had to end my last relationship as he has gone off the rails on drugs and only calls me for money and manipulating me into lending money i don’t have so debt is mounting xx

    he was a kind and funny. And loving man and I miss him but he’s changed so much and is causing more stress and I can’t cope anymore x because he was so insecure I gave up time with friends for him so now I’m left alone on lockdown trying to pay off debts from lending to him! Feel. Like I have no real friends left, may daughter keeps falling out with her friend and having angry outbursts which she’s never had before! I’m dealing with Groundhog Day on my own every day and I dread waking up every day. A good friend went to the beach today and never invited us – I am struggling to run a home and garden on my own wish I had a good man to help me (one with a daughter sane ages so she has a friend too! We both need to stay out of toxic relationships and wish I had a good man who can be my best friend and team mate in running a home and give me a lift in mood to help me have fun with my daughter/ working home schooling feels very much like I am failing at every leavel and I’m closer to breakdown- can anybody share any advice all I want is a good friend I can count on and be myself with and a good friend for my daughter and some motivation to keep going and not give up which I’m close to!!
    soery just really struggling at mo! Xx

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    Hi Bec5

    First of all- hugs! I’m so sorry you’re feeling so alone and overwhelmed. This current lockdown has been so tough!And on top of that having to deal with the many other stressors in life.Sounds like there is so much going on. Please don’t give up! The fact that you’re reaching out on a forum on here shows you’ve got some fight and strength in you. You’re doing great raising  your daughter up. No parents perfects we all just give our best, and I know you have been. can I suggest having a special day in the house maybe like a spa day, it’ll be a fantastic opportunity to spend time with each other, have fun and really find out what’s causing her outbursts and ways you could Help..

    Well done! You’ve done the wise thing of making your last boyfriend an ex!  That must not have been easy ending it. That is you putting you first. If he’s still bothering ,maybe blocking calls/texts might be best in terms of completely avoiding him. That way you don’t even have to deal with him or any of his manipulation. Having a man would be great in terms of raising your daughter helping out. But you deserve the best and so does your daughter, I’m a single mum myself and I know the feeling of really wanting a man to be in your life. It’s hard, but I know the wait will be worthwhile when you finally do meet the man who is everything you want for you and your daughter. Until then, enjoy the time you have when it’s just you and your daughter. Walks to the parks, movie nights, ask her what she’d like to

    You’re not failing, you’re not a failure. You are pushing through life and giving life your very all. Like the rest of us. You’re doing a great job! Keep going.

    please let me know how you’re feeling in the morning x

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