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    Hi all
    Im new here.
    So I was single for 6 1/2 years, I have a beautiful daughter who is 7. I recently got involved with a man but things moved too quickly.. he was moody and sometimes it was like a switch had been flipped and he was someone else.

    He was brilliant with my daughter, he has a 6 year old son that he sees regularly. Things went sour after one too many flips of that switch and I ended it and blocked all contact.

    he has text me tonight using a different number saying how sorry he was that things ended the way they did and he hoped I found happiness.

    thing is I miss him terribly. I am lonely. My daughter and I have this bad cough and we had to go to a nd e early hours of weds morning. I don’t have a lot of support. Her dad sees her when it suits and has had a gf since we split up.

    I want to text him to say I’m sorry too, but think it’s because I feel so low. I do t know what to do. I suffer with anxiety and depression which is usually controlled via medication but I’m really struggling.

    I could do with some friendly advice, no judging or anything as I’m struggling as it is xx thank you

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    Hi Jenny,

    I just joined the site a few mins ago. So sorry to hear that you’re having a tough time. It doesn’t seem the guy was adding much value to your life, but probably only making your mental health worse by his flipping out. Hard to let go, but doesn’t seem like he’s someone you want to hold on to either. These sorts of people make us happy in the short term but miserable in the long term.

    Hope your daughter is feeling better now? Maybe a trip to the park with her this weekend? Friday tomorrow!!

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    Hi hope your ok and I agree with Ashley89. He was not right for you but don’t beat yourself up for feeling perfectly natural feelings. It’s tough to move on and especially when he has made contact

    You doing a better job than me with guy I been seeing. Woeful arguments name calling to extreme but we always are drawn back to each other but it isn’t a long term relationship its a short term easy option

    I hope you and your daughter are feeling better. I have had trips to hospital in early hours many a time with my son it is very hard on your own but we do it as all good parents do

    Don’t forget there may look an ideal set up with 2 parents at home but a lot of the time there is bickering, different opinions on how the children should be brought up or rewarded etc…also one person may be entirely useless and puts pressure on the other. It may be that it is easier on your own but it gets tough when presented with issues we scramble to find childcare

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    It’s so hard when you don’t know which way to turn. ive no one really to talk to either so it helps that I’ve found this forum.

    don’t get me wrong before he appeared I was happy, all be it a bit lonely but I was doing good and managing perfectly well.

    my daughter is lovely and such a beautiful child and I feel bad that she met him, she only met him as he had a 6 year old son. I always said it would be a long time since she met anyone, but she met him quite quickly.

    I have learnt a very valuable lesson I think. But it’s so tempting to contact him xx

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    Hi Jenny. I think you are doing a great job and don’t need a man who dsnt bring any positive help to your life. You only need your daughter and she only needs you. It’s hard but you need to realise that you don’t need others to be happy. Everything you need is in your home right now. Stay strong and be proud of yourself.

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    Hi Jenny, having read your post I’d say just hang in there and don’t fall back into that relationship  while your head may be telling you to give it another shot, resist it . Sounds like a cilche but it will get easier . I had a similar relationship where my ex would drink and we’d argue and it caused me anxiety and stress  I feel alot better now we are apart but questioned my decision to end it alot in the first couple of months but feel alot stronger now.


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    thanks everyone

    i Have resisted the urge to contact him, as you all said it would have been so easy to fall back into a relationship.

    im happy being single, but miss the support xx

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    lexis dad

    life can be crap i know i have had my fair share of it slung in my direction . i have learnt from it all is to mainly think about yourself and keep yourself mentally healthy and give your daughter all the love she needs and wants . that will compensate for the lack of a partner. also find someone to talk to always and im pretty sure on here you will have many friends to listen to you and share their stories and be there for you.

    and eventually the right man will turn up at the right time and give you all the love ,support and be there for you without condition and be there for you and your daughter.

    here for you whenever you need me  as are the others above

    regards stewart


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    Don’t settle for less. You, your daughter (Abs his lad) deserve better.

    The guy might be a nice guy but he has stuff to work through. If you you settle for someone who can flip out on you…guess what …that’s what will happen!? 🤷‍♂️

    I’ve just decided to go it alone again after meeting someone who I thought was nice and I thought had potential to be more than just a casual girlfriend but I think it was more a I case of me wanting to be more than it actually being so?

    sorry your feeling low and alone your lovely daughter needs you and you will meet the right person if you keep looking!!! 👍

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    There is someone out there for everyone or so iv been told…He just doesn’t seem to come my way lol.

    If it’s ment to be it will happen..just don’t settle for anyone…..

    Anyone in the Macclesfield Cheshire area or quite near fancy a meet up would be nice to hear from you..

    Im a single mum

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    Hi – also just joined the site – and also could have put a post on with the same title! It’s really hard isn’t it? My ex has a similar ‘switch’ and it’s been very hard over the years to cope with it. Can’t speak for your ex of course but I know mine won’t change. He can apologise but it always used to happen again and again, with no real ownership of the cause. From my perspective I think you’ve done the right thing in ending this relationship and moving on – perhaps to better things – and in the meantime continue to focus on yourself and your child, as you guys are the most important thing. Stay strong! It will get easier.

    Take care



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    When I am  feeling physically unwell, i have a tendency to think if he was in my life it would be so much better. But I know that’s just coz I am feeling down. I do have days when I am proud of what I achieved by my self and I know he is just a waste of space. I try to distract myself with a little relaxation or reading or sometimes even cleaning!  You are worth more than being flipped out at. It is just your physical self that needs a bit of rest and recovery. You will be fine without him.

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