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    Hi everyone,

    I’m new to this forum and didn’t know where to turn.

    I am currently 24 weeks & 3 days pregnant and my partner of 8 years left me two weeks ago. This is my first child.

    We struggled to conceive for 3 years and in that time went through 3 rounds of IVF which were unsuccessful. I made the decision to leave a well paying job due to the stress it was putting me under, and fell pregnant naturally 7 weeks later.

    We were so in love and had an amazing relationship, 3 houses, two dogs and two lovely supportive families… but somewhere along the way it all went wrong.

    I have been suffering from incomplete grief since losing my father at 21, and have only just been diagnosed with it since the break up. Because it has gone on for so long, it has changed my personality over the past 2 years and I’m not the person he fell in love with. He tried so hard to help me and has now said he felt he had no other choice but to break up with me as he thought we were just growing apart and we’re leading two separate lives.

    At first we decided to have time apart, but yesterday it seems he wants to break for good.

    He doesn’t know about my diagnosis and I feel that if I tell him, he’ll think it’s an excuse or a lie.

    So now I feel completely lost, alone and afraid. I have moved into my mums house, no longer have my best friend and soulmate there for support, feel like I have lost my dogs and my whole lifestyle has completely changed. I also don’t have a job so feel very insecure.

    He says he loves me and will support me and the baby no matter what, but I get no comfort from that whatsoever.

    Has anyone dealt with anything similar?

    I’m in Newcastle upon Tyne and looking to make some friends in similar situations.

    Thank you for listening x

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    Hi Rachel,

    im sorry to hear that you’re having a hard time and I can totally relate.

    Im currently 13 weeks pregnant, going through a breakup, having to leave my home and move back to my parents and I’m feeling very scared and lonely too.

    I don’t have a well paid job as my ex owned our house so can’t afford to get a place of my own.

    I completely relate to the change of lifestyle and losing my best friend too. My friends can’t understand what I’m going through as they’re all carefree and single or happily coupled up.

    At least your ex loves you and wants to support you. A lot of people don’t have that on their side.

    Im happy to chat to you any time if that helps. You’re not alone .


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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