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    Hey all, I hope everyone is ok.

    I’m not too sure how to say this but I feel so lonely. I have family but the support isn’t there. I emotionally feel drained. X

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    Sorry to hear this, hopefully a chat on here will help; we may not be there in person, but the Gingerbread Family are always here for you.


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    I feel your pain I really do, im 250 miles from home in a town I moved to for my now EX I have no friends or family here, she was my social life, now im alone away from my kids while a new man has already been introduced to my kids after just 5 weeks of dating, my kids are 2 and 4, my eldest is autistic life couldn’t be worse for me right now and having no one to speak to sitting staring at 4 walls daily im getting worse and worse thoughts, feel free to message me if you need someone to speak to cos I really need an outlet myself now a friend someone who can listen someone who can help

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    Lonely dad, the four walls thing, that hit me too.

    Have you tried the local paper, local radio,  even parish mag. There are all sorts of events – music, pub quizzes, charity sports, community projects that you can just turn up to.on the day.

    The weekends when my son is with his dad, I refuse to let the four walls close in and always find something to join in with. Give it a try, it got me out meeting people and was a distraction at least.


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    Yes a lot of solid advice on here.

    Yes it does suck when you make sacrifices to be with someone, to have being thrown in your face. But you did it for the right reasons at the time, Lonelydad. I’ve never been down South but I imagine its beautiful.

    Newmummy we all know what thats like. Although I have supportive family and friends they have their own lives and can’t really offer me so much help. I’ve lived with my son by ourselves for 12 years and we get on great. I wouldn’t say it is hard but as kids grow it bring fresh nee challenges.

    I know you will find lovely people on here to chat to. Although we may not be able to meet due to distance we are always here 😀

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    Hello all,

    Sorry I haven’t been on here, thank you so much for your kind messages and support. X

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    Hi everyone like  lonelydad I moved here to be with my Ex, we split up nearly 2yrs go but lived together till the beginning of the year. I know how you feel my family live abroad and she was my life here, we have a son the we share custody but the week he is at hers I feel so alone. It is hard some days to motivate myself to do anything I feel both physically and emotionally drained, but I try to keep going taking one day at a time. I found a site called meetup they meet up for social events and walks there might be something in your area that might interest you. It’s the lack of social interaction that is hard not having any family or friends to have a chat and laugh with. I hope it helps you knowing there are people here who will listen and give support to you if you need it.

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    Hi all, I understand how you feel. I used to feel exactly the same. When my son went to his dad’s I was distraught. I would start worrying about the weekend on a Monday. The only thing that helped was keeping busy and meeting friends. My family live abroad so on holidays and the run up to xmas I felt particularly lonely. My single parent friends really help during those times. I met most of them by chance but it is hard as you cannot exactly approach parents at the playground and ask them if they have a husband/wife. Nevertheless if you frequent places where parents are, you can find and make new single parents friends. Try and keep a positive mindset, be proactive and get yourself out there, and you will eventually come out the other end (I did)! There are a few bloggers that make suggestions where to meet other single parents https://singleparentsonholiday.co.uk/a-guide-to-the-best-places-to-meet-single-parents/ and there is lots of support out there if you look for it.

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    Thank you so much to all of you. It’s lovely to know there is support here x

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    I have only just joined and this post really resonated with me. I have two young children and I share them 50/50 my ex wife has a new partner and is happy, I’m happy for her too. However, I’m alone, have the kids a lot of weekends 6 out of the last 7 and as a result I see very few people. My family live 300 miles away and my recent relationship has gone south due to issues with me having a family.

    I too feel lonely. Its nice to connect even if its online.


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    Hi Dadwhoissingle

    If your partner can’t deal with the fact that you are a dad then I would find someone who is more understanding.

    Dating is not just for weekends. Who said you can’t go out for dinner during the week? 😀

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    Thanks bluebirdsue, hurts though, as I was very much hoping this would go somewhere.

    Thank you for the reply. Feeling less lonely.

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    I second what bluebirdsue said… You will find someone who accepts your children and is happy to work around the time you have available. I hope you find that person and happiness soon 🙂

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    Dadwhoissingle – you will find someone so much better. If someone can’t handle the fact you have children they aren’t worth it.

    Newmummy – sorry to hear you are feeling lonely. I know how you feel. I have family to support me but it doesn’t stop you feeling like you’re going it alone.

    This might be silly but do you think there is anything we can do to make a difference? I’ve read every page on this website – who gingerbread are, the history, the mission – and the one thing that resignates with me is the stigma around being a single parent. I hate that!

    Whats the main thing you struggle with?

    lonliness? Finances?

    The thing that stresses me out most is finances. Nursery costs, food, nappies, Christmas presents all on a single salary.

    Not to sure where I was going with this but I want to do something to help.

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    New to this too and struggling, I manage to hold down a job, keep my children from trouble, just, keep everyone fed and watered including animals but I just feel so scared and alone sometimes.  My ex has another wife and has chosen her over his kids.  I just feel everything a mess sometimes financially emotionally and physically exhausred😭 I try and keep positive for everyone else’s sake because if I don’t it will all fall apart.  Anyway I love my kids and just want them to be happy but it’s hard.  I was just thinking maybe I could connect with people to help support each other and who understand?

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